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Fishing Report


Posted by Jim Mitchell on November 27, 2013 at 1:45 PM

Well we finally received some water.So on thurs the 21 started the morning at ruby and chopper(Noel shumway) landed a nice hen 20pds on a kwickfish. The fish lock her mouth shut with the plug hooks and was ready to land in like 2min. we thought it was a jack at first by the fight then i saw how the mouth was shut by the plug hook . We then went from the forks to the Houchi bridge and Joe( bustamove)  ha actually its spelled bustamonte Hooked up in the cable hole on a kwickfish. The fish thrashed his head out of the water side to side and spit the plug out. We continued down river and in the lower part of the cable hole in the flat we had another fish bust out of the water below our plugs looking pretty MAD fish looked like it was trying to scare our plugs. We continued down river we found fish at jed park and BAM (BUST-a-MOVE) is on and wow what a fighter!!!!The fish bustamove himself and rip acrossed  the top of the water to the other plug line   then did a total tarpon 3 ft in the air. I saw the hooks one on the top of the fishes mouth and on one the bottom after a good long battle finally landed the nice 35pd buck we hook several more fish below and got off good day

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